Universal Dental Practice Organization System

Operatory Setup

The drop care delivery system reduces the need for cabinetry

Restorative drops

Organize 90% of supplies needed for one month of care delivery in restorative ops

Hygiene drops

Organize 90% of supplies needed for one month of care delivery in hygiene ops

No more shelves and cabinets of inventory

Supply inventory is organized into backup drops which streamlines ordering and restocking process while controlling for over/under ordering

Inventory & Order Preparation

New Month, New drops

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Organize Your Operatories without Expensive Cabinetry

Drop Delivery System is a simple method for organizing your practice. Save thousands over custom dental industry cabinetry. Try a simpler, yet more effective solution. Good for startups or remodeling an aged practice.

Find the Materials You Need When You Need Them

Stop digging through random drawers as your assistant needs to leave the room yet again. Wasted chairtime is expensive. Efficiently know where your materials are for every procedure.

Keep Every Room Stocked without Wasting Time on Inventory

With Drop, checking supply levels is quick and painless. A quick scan of each room every morning keeps your practice running smoothly (and your team focused on your patients)

Getting Started Package
Getting Started Package

Getting Started Package

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Drop Delivery Installation

Simple & Easy

Perfectly Sized to Fit Any Operatory, Room, or Area

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About Our Founders

Dr. Joshua Renken, a native to central Illinois, attended Eastern Illinois University for undergrad and then received his DDS degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After completing associate work in Chicago, Dr. Renken moved to Springfield, IL and opened his first

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